Specialty Flooring

For specialty flooring such as rubber, natural sisal, bamboo, cork flooring, glass inlay and more, look no further than Floor Coverings International in Bloomington, MN. We’ve put together a collection of flooring with the latest materials and are ready to create a look that’s perfect for you and your home.

Appearance and functionality are the hallmarks of specialty floors. For example, rubber flooring is durable and comfortable to stand on, comes in a variety of colors, and because it’s easy to clean it can be a great choice for kitchens, laundry rooms, and workshops. Sisal, coir, and seagrass flooring are available in an array of textures, colors, and patterns, offering design flexibility with a natural look and easy care.

Cork flooring is another popular Bloomington, MN specialty flooring option due to its sustainability, comfort under foot and its sound absorbing properties making it a very quiet floor. Cork was in widespread use in the 1920’s made a resurgence in the last years due to the revival of natural building materials. Cork flooring has excellent durability as flooring, in part because of its ability to bounce back after walking on it, increasing its life span.

Cork flooring in Bloomington, MN is a natural wood product from the outer bark of the cork oak tree, a species native to the Mediterranean region. Cork is harvested from the trees without falling or damaging the trees where approximately one third of the trunk’s bark is stripped every nine years. The trees rejuvenate the bark and typically live to full maturity lasting up to 150 years.

Cork flooring works well in Bloomington, MN with its tiny air pockets retaining surface heat and making it a warm floor in the winter time, more energy efficient than hard surfaces such as ceramic, stone and vinyl.

Cork flooring from Floor Coverings International is easy to care for having an acrylic matte finish applied to its surface. Care is normal sweeping or vacuuming, wiping up spills and excess moisture immediately And as with other wood flooring surfaces, using walk-on mats at entrance doors keeps dirt and sand from affecting the floor surface. A an occasional damp mopping will remove by built up dirt without harming the cork floor.

Cork flooring can be installed by gluing down tiles or floated planks. If floated a flexible underlayment is installed to maintain the floor quietness and minimize under moisture from affecting the cork flooring. Bloomington, MN cork comes in variety of patterns and colors so contact your Design Associate at Floor Coverings International serving Bloomington, MN for a complimentary consultation assisting with the selection of the perfect cork flooring and style for your home.

We’re always adding new specialty flooring products to our select