Cork Tiles Bloomington

At Floor Coverings International Bloomington, cork is one of our favorite types of flooring! It’s beautiful, eco-friendly, and sustainable!

Like hardwood floors, cork, used to make cork floor tiles, comes from a tree. It’s called the Cork Oak, and is found in Africa and Europe. Unlike hardwood floors, when the cork is harvested by stripping the bark from the tree it does not damage the tree. The bark starts growing back and can be harvested less than a decade later.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

• Cork is a unique flooring choice that will make your home stand out from the crowd.
• Cork has a very long lifespan. It’s durable and can be repaired when damaged.
• Cork floors are a safe choice. When installed correctly, they’re resistant to fire and water. They’re also naturally anti-microbial, so they repel insects, bacteria, mold, germs, and other bad stuff.
• Cork is comfortable! It feels cushiony, so it’s a good choice for individuals with joint, back, or knee pain who dislike carpet.

Cork Tiles

Cork tile flooring is just one of your cork options. It is a popular choice and comes in different colors and designs. Plus, your cork flooring tiles can be ordered in nearly any color you’d like. We can also assist you in matching your new flooring to your home and décor.
Now that you know more about cork floor tile, is it right for your home? If you’ve just bought a new house or are thinking of renovating your home, we’re here to help!

We offer free in-home design consultations and estimates. Call your Floor Coverings International in Bloomington today and be one step closer to a beautiful new floor!