Green Carpet

In Bloomington MN green carpet is another way of saying “carpet that’s environmentlaly friendly.” A carpet’s level of environmental friendliness depends on many factors, including the materials from which it is made, the chemicals with which it is treated and its ability to be recycled after use.

Some people consider a carpet “green” when it has been made from all-natural materials such as wool, sisal, jute or seagrass. Natural materials have long been popular carpeting choices, but many manufacturers have only recently started offering these carpets with natural-fiber backing and little or no chemical treatment.

When buying green carpet for your home, don’t forget about the padding underneath. You may want to choose a lightweight carpet that requires no padding, or look for specially recycled carpet padding. Your Bloomington MN Floor Coverings International can help you compare brands and answer any questions you might have. Floor Coverings International of Bloomington MN even offers free in-home flooring consultations. Call us today to learn more about green carpet in Bloomington MN.