Frieze Carpet in Bloomington

Along with Berber and saxony, frieze is one of the most popular carpet styles today. Its greatest advantage is comfort – the construction of frieze carpeting makes it a soft and cozy choice for any Bloomington home. Interested in learning more about frieze? Here are some other factors to consider, from our team at Floor Coverings International Bloomington:

Frieze Carpet: Things to Consider

Frieze is a cut, high pile carpet consisting of long, twisted fibers extending out from a backing. Though it appears similar to shag carpeting of the 1970s, frieze tends to require less maintenance. Since the fibers are flexible and free to move, they can handle the weight of repeated foot traffic or heavy furniture without sustaining damage.

Before deciding if frieze carpeting is right for you, you should think about where you would install it. Because of its soft, cozy texture, frieze works best in areas where comfort is the priority. For example, bedrooms and family rooms – where you want to be able to sit on the floor or walk in bare feet – are ideal places to install frieze.

Frieze is fairly low-maintenance, so it’s a good choice for homeowners who want their carpet to look good without much work. Its textured surface hides dirt, and it is also trackless, so it won’t show footprints and vacuum marks. However, you may want to think before using it in areas with small children or pets, since it can be hard to clean up liquids from frieze carpeting. The loose, flexible fibers allow liquids to run freely rather than trapping them on the surface, so there’s a greater chance of permanent stains.

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