Porcelain Tiles in Minneapolis

From classic subway backsplashes to wood-look tile floors, it is easy to underestimate the versatility of porcelain tile. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Bloomington love the beauty and durability of porcelain tile. We know it can work well in many different areas of your Minneapolis home. Keep on reading to learn more about this amazing type of tile!

Porcelain Tile’s Appearance

The aesthetic of porcelain tile is extremely versatile, making it one of the most popular tile options. At Floor Coverings International Bloomington we stock a wide variety of porcelain tiles. Our experts can exactly match tile style to the décor in your Minneapolis home. From backsplashes to flooring, there are nearly an infinite number of options with porcelain tile.

Durability of Porcelain Tile

The dense nature of porcelain tile makes it one of the most durable styles of flooring. Porcelain is also highly stain-resistant, making it perfect for high-traffic areas of your Minneapolis home. From living rooms to kitchens, porcelain can stand up to the wear and tear of your busy life. Furthermore, the durability makes it a great option for pet-friendly homes.

Porcelain also has a low absorption rate, which is why many homeowners opt to install it in moisture-prone areas of their home, like bathrooms and laundry rooms. The customizable style and durability of the tile makes it a good fit for any area of your home.

Easy Maintenance

If you have a busy family and are looking for a low-maintenance flooring option, then porcelain tile is right for your home. The smooth surface of the tile makes for easy maintenance, as it does not trap dirt, debris, or allergens. If you regularly sweep and mop the floor, it will stay stunning for years.

Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile

Commonly grouped together, there are a few key differences between ceramic and porcelain tile. Ceramic tiles are generally slightly more affordable, but less durable. Porcelain tiles are more watertight than ceramic tiles. As a result, if you are looking to install shower tile, then porcelain is the right option for your home. Moreover, we do not recommend installing ceramic tile outside. If you’re looking for a beautiful back patio, then opt for porcelain tile or a natural stone tile.

Start in Minneapolis Today!

Whether you’re debating backsplash styles or flooring types, porcelain tile could be the right option for your home. Schedule a free, in-home design consultation with one of our expert Design Associates to start your flooring project! Our experts can show you exactly how porcelain tile can work in your home. We proudly serve the greater Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield area.

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