Marble Stone Tile in Minneapolis

For a natural, elegant appearance for your Minneapolis home, marble tiles are an excellent option. Marble has been prized for centuries for its ability to lighten up the appearance of an interior space. It is used in many famous pieces of sculpture and has adorned palaces across the world. Marble quarries in mountainous regions around the world produce this highly sought after building material. Marble that is used in decorating and construction applications are typically used in tile form, as large marble blocks are both expensive and heavy to maneuver.  Learn all about marble with help from the experts at Floor Coverings International Bloomington.


Marble tile does not have a singular appearance, although marble is typically thought of as a multicolored or muted white. Marble can have grey, beige, or white appearance, with darker or lighter highlights that echo a contrast that draws the eye like wood grain. Marble’s typically lighter coloration gives it a semi-transparent look in some varieties.


Marble tile can be used for flooring, walls, and countertops. While typically cut into square tiles, marble can come in triangular and other geometric patterns. Kitchens or bathrooms of white, cream or Carrera marble may contrast nicely with rustic design elements or complement traditionally regal designs.  As a flooring material, marble is an excellent heat conductor and is a good material for radiant heated floors. In Minneapolis, marble will be kind to cold feet in the winter.

Care and Maintenance

Marble tiles can be polished or unpolished — although polished marble is the more popular and well-known finish. While it is a very popular and good-looking material, it does have to be used carefully. Polished tiles have a tendency to scratch and crack. These blemishes cannot be easily fixed, and replacing the tile is the only real way to recover the original appearance. Marble is also a porous natural stone, so it can sustain water damage if it is not properly sealed and polished. Because of this, it needs to be sealed yearly to prevent discoloration. Marble is also susceptible to acid stains from food and beverages, especially if left untreated. Marble tiles should be cleaned regularly to avoid scratches and staining.

Start Today!

Marble is a beautiful interior tile surface for your home. Minneapolis homeowners feel that the cost and care that accompany the material are well worth the light, airy appeal. Are you interested in having marble tiles installed in your home? The experts at Floor Coverings International Bloomington are here to help! Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We proudly serve the greater Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield area.

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