Backsplashes in Bloomington

Here at Floor Coverings International Bloomington, we love bringing our customers unique flooring and tile designs. One of the most popular projects we work on in the Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield area is backsplashes. These additions to kitchens and bathrooms are both stylish and practical. There are a range of materials and design options you can choose from when you decide it’s time for a new backsplash in your home or business.

Benefits of a Backsplash

Protection: The key benefit of a backsplash is that it protects your wall from moisture damage. In the bathroom, this usually is in the form of water splashing onto the wall when people wash their hands or face. In the kitchen, backsplashes protect your wall from moisture behind a sink, but they can also protect the wall from oil and other food splashes behind the stove.

Style: A backsplash can be made from a range of materials. People often use a backsplash to add style to their bathroom or kitchen.

Maintenance: Most backsplashes are easy to wipe clean. If you choose a material like ceramic tile, you know that you’ll be installing a long-lasting backsplash that’s easy to take care of over time.

Value: If you choose a quality material like granite, you will be adding long-term value to your home. If you ever choose to sell your house, a backsplash can be a great feature to highlight for potential buyers.


The most popular backsplash material is tile. There are a lot of options within this category, including ceramic, glass, and granite. If you are interested in an intricate mosaic backsplash for your bathroom, we would recommend trying glass. If you want something more understated for a modern kitchen, it might be better to choose a simple ceramic design.

Other popular materials for backsplashes include copper and vinyl. Some of these styles are self-adhesive, making them very easy to install. It’s important to remember that these options won’t last as long as tile or add the same value to your home.

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