Laminate Hardwood Flooring, Bloomington

Laminate Flooring

One of the most popular trends in the housing industry today is laminate hardwood flooring. More and more of our customers at Floor Coverings International Bloomington are choosing this option because of price, durability, and sustainability. Laminate hardwood flooring has come a long way from the cheap fake looking floors of the past. Many people will not even realize your floors are laminate unless they reach down and feel the wood.

Installing Laminate

Laminate hardwood flooring is an affordable option when redecorating or building a home. Installation is simple since the floor floats above the subfloor. When positioning laminate floors in a room, the pieces snap together. To create a more natural look, planks from different boxes should be mixed together to give the floor a look of real hardwood. Shoe molding and baseboards are used to keep the floor in place and create a finished look in the room.

How Laminate is Made

Understanding how laminate hardwood is created may help you determine if this type of floor is right for you. Laminate is made of four different elements that are bonded together under high pressure. The bottom layer is the backing and is designed to resist moisture. The next layer is the inner core and is made of high-density fiberboard and resin. The third layer is the image layer. This gives the planks the look of wood, metal, or even stone. The final layer is considered the wear layer. This offers the protection from scratches, fading and everyday wear and tear.

Style Options

The finish of your laminate hardwood flooring in Bloomington is also important. Today you can find a laminate that looks like bamboo, cherry, pine, teak as well as the popular oak and maple designs. Some laminate hardwood floors are also created to resemble stone, ceramic tile, or metal. In addition to the color of the laminate, you can choose the width of the planks and whether they are smooth or hand scraped. These are just a few of the reasons more and more people are choosing laminate hardwood for their upscale homes.

Take time to choose the best flooring for your home. First, you need to decide whether you want tile, carpet or laminate. Once that choice is made, look at several different styles and types of laminate hardwood flooring. There are many colors and designs to choose from and a variety of prices. Take a few samples home and try them out in the room. Make sure the color enhances the style of your space. Finally, decide whether you want to try to install the floor yourself or let the professionals handle the job. Either way – when your laminate hardwood floor is installed – you will be the envy of your friends and family. Contact Floor Coverings International Bloomington with all of your flooring questions!

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