Laminate Flooring in Minneapolis

You have had your mind set on tile or hardwood flooring for your new home renovation, but the steep price and the demanding upkeep has discouraged you from taking the leap. If you are looking for a flooring alternative that features the classic tile took but has a simpler disposition, the professionals at Floor Coverings International Bloomington encourage the homeowners in Minneapolis to consider laminate. It is a flooring that allows you to revel in the elegance of tile, while relishing in its lower maintenance and higher durability.

About Laminate

Laminate is a versatile material that achieves the sophisticated look of a variety of elements at an affordable price without having to fret about the high maintenance or difficult care that accompany it. This is vital in the home and in workspaces where you want flooring that can resist heavy foot traffic and discourage sticky messes from permanently adhering. Laminate mirrors an authentic tile look while functioning as a more comfortable alternative that allows for soft walking and relaxed standing.

Design & Uses

Laminate’s structure is compiled of multiple layers that protect the flooring from damage. It contains a moisture barrier that makes it water resistant. It provides depth and stability and has the ability to minimize sound when professionally placed over an underlayment. Laminate flooring is environmentally sound. Not only is it constructed of green qualities but the process in which it is manufactured is earth-friendly. When installed correctly and expertly, this flooring is guaranteed a satisfactory performance in your Minneapolis place.


In comparison to floorings that either buckle under heavy pieces, warp over time or mold due to cleaning rituals, laminate tile remains unscathed. The various layers of laminate make it a high quality, high functioning flooring, encouraging little maintenance. Its simplicity removes the need for the harsh chemicals that we typically use for cleaning, and its durability makes it resilient to modern abuses, such as heavy traffic or large furniture. Laminate’s intricate build ensures simplicity of living.

Start Today!

Our friendly flooring professionals at Floor Coverings International Bloomington are prepared to help you find the tile laminate that best suits your working or living needs! We happily offer complimentary consultations to those in the greater Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield. If you find that you are uncertain if laminate is the appropriate choice for your situation, give our experts a call today. For additional considerations or questions, or to learn about the variety of flooring options we offer at reasonable prices, let our friendly staff members assist you. We are proud to serve the community of Minneapolis.

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