Teak Hardwood in Minneapolis

You made the decision that hardwood flooring is a must have for your new home renovation, but you need help choosing your favorite. How do you decide which lumber will best suit your unique situation while embodying true class and style? The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Bloomington are consistently successful in helping homeowners locate flooring alternatives that will meet their needs and fulfill their dreams, including teak.

About Teak

This lumber is harvested forests throughout tropical regions in the southern equator. It has been known as the golden standard for decay resistance while its heartwood is notably durable. Teak naturally repels termites and other unwanted insects that typically threaten beautiful hardwood flooring, which also makes teak naturally resistant to rot. It is because of its incredible stability and strength that it requires the tenderness and care that only comes with professional installation from the experts at Floor Coverings International Bloomington.

In the Home

This hardwood leans to the darker side with respect to hues.  It has a golden brown tone that gradually darkens over time and a relatively straight grain. When left raw and unfinished, it produces natural oils that give each plank a rustic sheen. Teak is ranked as one of the finest hardwoods on the market, coming with a slightly pricier cost than comparable selections.


Teak offers a similar cleaning routine to other hardwoods. Our knowledgeable staff members highly recommend spot mopping messy areas then dry mopping to absorb any remaining moisture. We suggest routinely sweeping to keep dust from accumulating and causing permanent micro-scratches and scuffs to your floor. React efficiently when messes occur and implementing quick cleaning habits into your daily routine to keep your floor safe. We encourage any decision that will give you peace of mind, including the application of a finish or any other additional safety precaution.

Start Today!

Teak hardwood is the perfect addition to your residential or business space. For additional questions regarding teak, or for information about our inventory and any other services that we offer, call our friendly staff members at Floor Coverings International Bloomington to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We are proud to assist the greater Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield area.