Maple Hardwood in Minneapolis

You need to upgrade your living space and stay within your budget. You’re looking for something simple to rejuvenate your place without breaking the bank. The friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International Bloomington know exactly what you need: maple hardwood. A flooring update can be a feasible and subtle change that will give your home a breath of fresh air when thoughtfully chosen and professionally installed. Maple hardwood has a stylish versatility that will complement your style through the ages, making an installation now an investment for your future.

Origin of Maple Hardwood

Maple is noted for its strength and stability among homeowners in Minneapolis. Its impressive rating of 1450 on the Janka Hardness Scale puts it on the same level as oak and ash. Because it’s a domestic product, maple is easy to source, which makes it highly sought and easily obtained by residents in Minneapolis.

Uses in the Home

Maple hardwood has a distinctive and natural grain pattern and light finish that makes it appropriate for any home or business facility. Its grain runs fairly strait with a fine and even texture. It is noted for its incredible durability that makes it successful in high traffic areas including dining rooms, hallways, and living rooms. Since it’s less porous than oak, maple will it is more resistant to dents and scratches that inevitably occur.

Cleaning & Care

Homeowners in Minneapolis love maple hardwood for its minimal maintenance requirements. We encourage our clients to implement routine cleaning rituals into their daily lives, such as regularly sweeping and spot mopping. We urge you to take immediate action when spills or messes occur to prevent permanent damages, including warping or staining, from happening. Small cleaning habits will aid in the success and lifespan of your maple hardwood floor.