Distressed Wood Flooring in Bloomington

What is it?

Distressed wood flooring is one type of solid hardwood. It differs from other hardwood types in that it’s intentionally weathered by a machine in order to create an aged appearance, and isn’t meant to look uniform or polished. Common to this variety is the appearance of pits, character marks, and nail holes, which imitate the wood installation process before floor processing became largely mechanized. Distressed hardwood shouldn’t be confused with hand-scraped or reclaimed word. Both achieve a similarly weathered look, except hand-scraped is distressed by hand and reclaimed wood is naturally weathered and sourced from old beams and logs. Distressed wood flooring will add character and warmth to any Bloomington home. We encourage you to investigate this unique, but also timeless flooring option.

Where can you install distressed wood in a home?

Distressed wood flooring is appropriate for any room in a home where you would normally install traditional hardwood. Although distressed wood is made to look old, it tends to compliment modern interior design well and is known for adding subtle detail to homes. One of its major benefits is an ability to hide marks and scrapes, which blend into its aged look. Similarly, it requires little maintenance and successfully hides pet hair, dust, and dirt, making distressed wood perfect for a space that receives frequent foot traffic.

Downsides of Distressed Wood Flooring

Due to the process of machine weathering, this variety tends to be more expensive than other types of wood flooring. That same process requires energy and resources, which makes it less environmentally friendly than hand-scraped wood or reclaimed wood.