Brazilian Cherry Flooring in Minneapolis

Affordability, versatility, and durability are the keys to a perfect floor. The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Bloomington know the ends and outs of the flooring market and can help you find a selection that will meet these requirements and fulfill your visions for your personal space! With our staff’s knowledge and experience, they confidently direct homeowners to reliable hardwood flooring. One such hardwood is Brazilian cherry. This high performing, top quality option is suitable for any home in the greater Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield area.

Why Choose Brazilian Cherry?

Brazilian cherry hardwood is ideal in both style and function, allowing Minneapolis homeowners to experiment with distinct furniture pieces in a variety of settings. It is equally balanced in malleability and durability, giving it the power to be cut and sanded, stained and molded, with great ease. Its natural fluidity in any living or working environment makes it a viable option for just about any home in the greater Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield area.

Strength & Uses

This hardwood features a gorgeous light, slightly red color that easily absorbs your choice of stain with its fine, even texture. The grain typically moves in a straight line, often featuring an occasional stray cute curly design that makes every Brazilian cherry wood unique. This hardwood is widely known for its impressive lifespan, resisting deterioration and decay. It truly stands the test of time. We particularly love this hardwood in areas of the home like the living room, hallways, and stairways. It’s even a great choice for bedrooms.


Like most hardwoods, Brazilian cherry requires regular maintenance—but nothing too stringent. Regular sweeping or light vacuuming will catch the little bits of dirt and dust that could mark up you floors if left untreated. Keeping moisture away from your hardwood will also prevent warping and stains.