Birch Hardwood in Minneapolis

The flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Bloomington know what you need for your next home improvement project: a high-quality flooring upgrade. You need something that is fashionable and durable without breaking the bank. Birch is consistently praised for its beauty and brawn, making this a versatile alternative suitable for any home.

About Birch

Birch sets itself apart from its cousin, oak, as a naturally firmer and sturdier hardwood. Birch stuns with its unique features, including curvaceous grains and earthy tones. The cost of this flooring is considerably less expensive in comparison to other hardwoods, making it an excellent selection for anyone in Minneapolis with a tighter budget. Birch hardwood is an investment that will benefit your home for years to come due to its unmatched durability and affordable price.

Design & Uses

This flooring comes in a range of earthy hues that make it a suitable selection for any style or taste. Birch is distinguishable by its lighter sapwood and darker contrasting heartwood that features a complex display of light, creamy shades that gently combine with undertones of deep red and dark brown. It has a unique wavy flame-shaped appearance that generally runs perpendicular to the grain (also known as curly birch!) The combination of light colors and delicate patterns make every plank truly unique.

Hardwood Maintenance

Birch offers a cleaning ritual that is similar to its hardwood competitors. We frequently tell clients to implement simple cleaning habits into their daily rhythms, such as sweeping and dry mopping, to remove the threat of permanent damage to your new floor. Taking care of accidents and messes quickly will aid the longevity of your birch hardwood. The application of a sealant or finish is not required for the long-term health of your floor, however we support our clients in taking this step for additional insurance and peace of mind.

Start Today!

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