Beech Hardwood in Minneapolis

The professionals at Floor Coverings International Bloomington have had great success assisting homeowners in Minneapolis finding flooring alternatives that will both meet their needs and then some. Our staff members confidently lead folks in Minneapolis to selections that are ideal for any particular living or working space. We recommend beech for those considering hardwood for a variety of environments because of its natural integrity, strength, and affordable price point.

About Beech Hardwood

Beech hardwood has moderate overall hardness and strength, as well as a price that ‘s comparable with other domestic hardwoods on the market. It is sourced from many areas across North America, making it a more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to its imported competitors. Better yet, since it’s not as widely used as oak or maple, you’ll be making a statement by using beech hardwood in your home.

Design & Uses in the Home

Beech has an organic coloration that highlights subtle notes of coral and caramel and features a strong and uniform grain that flows throughout. Beech can be distinguished by its gentle texture and natural sheen with its unique rays and small pores that give it a vibrant yet gentle look. It has the ability to set a room’s mood because it emits calming vibes in any atmosphere, making it the perfect flooring for a wide range of areas in your Minneapolis home, from the living room to entryways to a home office.


Beech is ideal for homeowners seeking flooring with little to no maintenance. We simply suggest that our clients implement basic cleaning tasks into their daily rhythm, such as routinely sweeping and dry mopping. If you’re looking for flooring with minimal maintenance required, we definitely suggest beech for your personal space.

Start Today!

Our friendly professionals are available to answer any questions that you may have regarding beech or its hardwood alternatives. We are proud to offer a range of inventory selections and a variety of services to homeowners in Minneapolis. Give the experts of Floor Coverings International Bloomington a call to learn how you can benefit from our complimentary consultation. We are glad to walk you through the process of a simple flooring update and direct you to flooring that will meet your needs. We proudly serve the greater Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield area.