Ash Hardwood in Minneapolis

If you were looking for a friendly professional to assist you in finding the flooring of your dreams, look no further than the experts of Floor Coverings International Bloomington. It is with great joy that we aptly introduce to you innovative flooring options that will welcome your guests without breaking the bank. If you are a homeowner of Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield searching for a versatile hardwood that exhibits natural beauty and boasts great strength, our specialists highly recommend ash hardwood.


Ash hardwood is a medium wielded for sports equipment, wooden ladders, and, most importantly, hardwood floors. Rating at 1320 on the Janka Hardness Scale, this lumber is considerably durable and is noted for its above average dimensional stability. Consumers praise ash for its unique swirling grain, which gives this hardwood the ability to veil blemishes and the flexibility to compliment distinct styles. Ash hardwood is a timeless flooring alternative that can add brawn and beauty to any Minneapolis living or working space.

Uses in the Home

Ash is a domestic species that features a variation of hues that range from gold to brown, as well as a porous grain pattern that can beautifully display a bold stain. This hardwood’s structure is elastic and provides excellent shock resistance. It is a tough material that can confidently hold heavy furniture pieces while naturally masking any accidental scratches that may occur due to its thick grain. Ash hardwood is stylistically flexible, setting it apart from other flooring alternatives, making it acceptable for any place.


Small steps can prevent permanent damages from occurring to your new ash floor. Implementing simple cleaning habits and taking initiative when messes may occur will protect you floor from warping and molding. Habitual cleaning measures will guarantee a profitable life for your hardwood. Routinely apply a sealant for additional safety precautions and peace of mind. If you desire for a low-maintenance flooring for your Minneapolis facility, ash is the perfect hardwood for you.

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