Bamboo Flooring in Richfield


Bamboo in Richfield

In Richfield, bamboo flooring is a relatively new alternative to hardwood that has become popular thanks to its sustainability. Unlike most hardwood species, bamboo is a fast growing plant with complex root systems that rejuvenate quickly, making it a favorite among conservationists. 

Bacteria Resistant

Most homeowners choose tile or laminate for their bathrooms and kitchens simply because it doesn’t hold onto bacteria like hardwood flooring tends to do. Bamboo flooring is an option that can be used in any room throughout your home since it has antimicrobial properties that allow for easy clean up and prevent bacteria growth. Since bamboo flooring is very easy to clean and keep sterile, it is a perfect option for homes with small children and pets. Bamboo flooring is spongier or softer than most hardwood flooring which makes it appealing to homeowners that spend a great deal of time cooking in their kitchens. 

Janka Hardness Scale Rating

Natural bamboo flooring has a high ranking on the Janka Hardness scale, just above White Oak and Ash. Its durability makes bamboo a great choice for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. 

Unique Finish Options

Most bamboo flooring has a honey-colored finish with a slightly mottled looking appearance, although it can be stained to almost any hue. It comes in two types: horizontal, or flat-pressed, and vertical, or side-pressed. Horizontal bamboo flooring has wide lines that run through it, while vertical has a more consistent appearance.

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