Bamboo Flooring in Bloomington


Flooring can make or break a space and with the right flooring, you can open up a space and make it something truly fantastic. Bamboo flooring is an option that works wonders in a wide range of spaces and applications. Instead of having the look and feel of traditional hardwood, bamboo flooring is softer, has a more intricate and interesting pattern, and even has antimicrobial properties.

Less Bacteria

In most homes tile or laminate is preferred for bathrooms and kitchens simply because it does not hold onto bacteria that way that hardwood flooring tends to do. This means that you might have stunning hardwood through your entire home, but your bathrooms and kitchen may not match. Bamboo flooring is an option that can be carried through to all rooms of your home as it has antimicrobial properties that allow for easy clean up and prevent the growth of bacteria.


Bamboo is also far more eco friendly than other hardwood flooring options. Bamboo grows quickly, unlike the decades that it takes for a tree to mature and to be large enough to use for hardwood flooring, bamboo can be regrown each year to supply an entirely new stock of flooring. This means that it is not going to cause any sort of deforestation and it is going to be flooring that is easily accessible for years to come.

Soft Feel

Bamboo flooring is also spongier or softer than most hardwood flooring which makes it appealing  to homeowners that spend a great deal of time cooking in their kitchens. Bamboo flooring is widely accessible everywhere so homeowners in the Bloomington area can get it quickly and easily. Bamboo is a very popular flooring choice so here in the Minneapolis area you can get the flooring you love quickly and easily. Bamboo is also very easy to clean and keep sterile so it is perfect for homes with small children.

Bamboo also adds tons of visual interest to any space. Rather than large, wide boards that are also long as many traditional flooring options offer, bamboo offers a smaller, tighter look with long, light colored boards. It also provides a unique texture and feel that is unlike any traditional hardwood that you might find elsewhere. This is a fantastic flooring option here in Bloomington as well as winters are harsh and water tends to make its way into homes. Bamboo offers a unique texture that is not as negatively affected by water as traditional hardwoods.

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