Wool Carpet in Bloomington

To start, what is wool carpet? Wool carpet is made from the hair of sheep, a material known for its insulating qualities. It tends to be denser and softer than carpets made from manmade fibers and holds the reputation of being a luxury product. Here we’ll be discussing the unique benefits offered by wool carpet. We encourage you to read on and to consider adding this long-trusted material to your Bloomington home.

Wool Carpet Benefits

Insulating—Wool is a material often used to make jackets, blankets, and other textiles because it’s incredibly efficient at trapping and holding heat. Wool carpet, in particular, offers thermal insulation that’s unmatched by other carpet varieties. It’s a great option for homeowners that experience more intense winters. Its thick, dense texture not only helps to keep heating costs down, but also contributes to a cozy atmosphere.

Environmentally-Friendly—Wool is a renewable and biodegradable resource, which means that homeowners don’t have to worry about their wool carpet one day sitting in a landfill. This flooring option is also free of potentially hazardous manmade chemicals present in other synthetic carpets, making it great for homes with pets and small children.

Wool Carpet Care

To care for your wool carpet we recommend that you vacuum it regularly to remove any dirt or debris trapped in its fibers. The fibers of wool carpet are solid, meaning they tend to mask dirt better than nylon and acrylic carpet. Nevertheless, keeping your carpet clean will extend its life. We also suggest that you get your wool carpet professionally cleaned once each year to keep it looking new.

Here at Floor Coverings International Bloomington we look forward to helping you find the perfect carpet for your home. Although wool carpet is a great option we offer a wide selection, which we encourage you to take a look in our product gallery. We proudly serve the greater Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!