Triexta Carpet In Bloomington

In terms of carpet fiber, and flooring in general, new materials don’t come around very often. But one that has more recently entered the market is Triexta. When it comes to carpet, nylon has cornered the market on being the most popular carpet fiber. However, triexta is one to pay attention to. Here is everything you need to know about triexta carpet from the experts at Floor Coverings International Bloomington.


Triexta first became available in 2009 and is a subclass of polyester. The two materials are very different, however, and many would liken it to nylon. It has a matte finish and is a durable and resilient fiber. Triexta is softer than both nylon and polyester and is also stain resistant. The brand name is Sorona, and you’re likely to hear these two terms used interchangeably along with the brand name SmartStrand.


One of the main draws of triexta is its inherent stain resistant quality. The fiber is hydrophobic, meaning that it will not absorb any water-based substances. This means that a spilled glass of wine will no longer result in a permanent stain on your carpet. Water will be enough to remove many of the spills, making clean up simple. As with any carpet, regular vacuuming and an annual carpet cleaning will keep a triexta carpet looking its best.

Environmental Benefits

Traditional carpet manufacturing requires the use of petroleum. Triexta, on the other hand, is made with corn glucose, which is a far more sustainable resource than petroleum. Many health-conscious homeowners worry about VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) being released into their home with new carpet installation. Manufacturing with corn glucose exposes the fibers to fewer chemicals, minimizing the off-gassing that can occur.