Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile carpet is a classic flooring choice for homes. Comfortable and warm, cut pile carpet floors are easy to maintain and can be color-matched for virtually any decor style. 

If you are considering carpet for your Bloomington home, it’s important to understand carpet basics and learn what distinguishes one type from another.

What Is Cut Pile Carpet?

The carpet “pile” is the name for the collection of threads that make up carpet. Those looking to install carpet will need to decide between cut pile and loop pile carpet.

As tufted carpet is made, yarn is looped through a backing material over and over and over. The result is a complete carpet made up of rows of loops. If you leave the loops be, the result is loop pile carpet. If you cut each loop to yield two separate strands, the result is cut pile.

While both are relatively comfortable and durable, oftentimes you will see homeowners select loop pile carpet for high-traffic areas and cut pile carpet for less busy rooms where coziness is a priority. 

Types of Cut Pile Carpet

Factors like length of pile and how the yarn is twisted distinguish cut pile carpet styles from one another. Here are just a few of the most popular styles:

Plush carpet — Evenly-cut, short pile with a slight twist. Plush carpets earn their name with their soft and lush feel. 

Saxony carpet — Medium pile with some twists and a smooth surface. Saxony is popular in areas that need a more formal look.

Frieze carpet — Long, curled pile that is tightly twisted. Because of the curl of pile, frieze carpet’s threads lay in many directions for a more casual, cozy look. 

Take the First Step

Whether you’re ready to install or just getting a feel for your options — a great first step when considering cut pile carpet is to schedule an in-home consultation with a flooring professional.