Carpet Tiles in Bloomington

If you’re looking for a versatile floor covering for your Bloomington home, look no further than carpet tiles. This is about as flexible as it gets with endless options for color, style, pattern, and texture. Installation and maintenance is a breeze, and high traffic areas, such as busy homes and commercial spaces, can benefit from this durable alternative to broadloom carpets.

Our team has gathered some facts about carpet tiles to help you understand the pros and cons of this flooring option. Contact us at Floor Coverings International Bloomington for a free in-home design consultation, and we will help you find the perfect carpet for your home.


Carpet tiles come in many fiber, pile, and backing options. You can select from synthetic, natural, and eco-friendly materials, cut or loop pile, and backing such as fiberglass, vinyl, polypropylene, and more. The backing material has a big impact on the durability and longevity of the carpet tiles and should be carefully considered when selecting tiles for your space. Carpet tiles are also available with or without adhesive.

Installation is quick and easy, and the special skill and dexterity required for traditional carpet installation is not an issue. Carpet tiles are also a great option for complex room layouts since the tiles can be cut and fit individually.

Carpet tiles are preferred for high traffic spaces since worn or stained pieces can be replaced. These tiles can also be arranged in endless patterns, and are a great way to reflect your personality and style.


Carpet tiles have a tendency to wear out on the edges over time, and the quality of the tile construction and backing will have a big impact on longevity. In addition to wear and tear, the visible seams are off-putting to some people. Instead of trying to downplay the seams, use them to your advantage and create a unique pattern all your own.

If you’re ready to learn more about the carpeting options available for your Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield home, contact Floor Coverings International Bloomington today. We’ll help you understand the options and find the perfect fit.