Carpet Runners for Your Bloomington Home

What are carpet runners?

Sometimes called a hallway runner, a carpet runner is a piece of carpet greater in length than width that is frequently placed on top of hardwood flooring. Carpet runners are versatile, protective, and more affordable than wall-to-wall carpet. Homeowners often place carpet runners in upstairs hallways to reduce the noise heard in bedrooms or on top of hardwood stairs to improve traction. Carpet runners can add character to any long hallway or home entrance and serve as a timeless flooring option.

Advantages of Carpet Runners

Carpet runners are a great choice for any home in the Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield areas because they are equally decorative and practical. From a safety standpoint, elderly homeowners and families with small children can use carpet runners to avoid slipping or falling on hardwood floors. Active homeowners can also use carpet runners to protect areas of their home that undergo frequent wear and tear, such as a laundry room or entrance where dirty shoes and athletic gear are placed. For homes that contain predominantly hardwood, carpet runners will significantly reduce noise, and can offer increased comfort during the winter months.

Not just practical, carpet runners are also decorative. Floor Coverings International Bloomington offers a wide array of carpet runner options, including a variety of textures, patterns, and solid colors. Homeowners can use carpet runners during the colder months to achieve a cozier feel, and either store them away or exchange them for brighter hues during spring and summer. Depending on your preferences carpet runners are one way to decorate according to season. Patterned carpet runners, in particular, can be used to change the personality of a bathroom or dining room instantly.

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