Broadloom Carpet in Bloomington

Broadloom carpet is among the most popular flooring options for Bloomington homeowners, though it isn’t always understood exactly what broadloom means. Luckily, the answer is quite simple, beautiful and practical. Read on to hear from our carpet experts at Floor Coverings International Bloomington and explore all things broadloom carpeting!

What Does Broadloom Mean?

Traditionally, carpets and rugs are hand woven on a device called a loom. A carpet weaver lays long strands of carpet fiber in both directions where they are then interwoven, often in beautiful, intricate patterns. Today, for home carpeting, we turn to machines for this task. The impressive machine looms are incredibly wide, which is where the word broad comes into play. So, a broadloom carpet is essentially a wide roll of carpet.

What Kind of Carpet Is Available in Broadloom?

Nearly all carpet manufactured today is broadloom carpet. This means you can choose between all of the various carpet fibers we have available, including nylon, acrylic, wool, sisal, and more. Once you choose your favorite material you have even more options for color, pattern, and pile type! Our design experts will gladly guide you through the many varieties. Beyond broadloom, there are a couple of alternative carpet forms to keep in mind as well such as carpet tiles and area rugs!

How Is Broadloom Carpet Installed?

Broadloom carpet is generally installed as the familiar, seamless wall to wall carpeting. If your room is smaller than the width of the carpet roll, we simply cut it to the exact size needed. On the other hand, if your room is wider than a single roll of carpet, we are able to invisibly seam together two pieces.

With broadloom carpet you can have the same carpeting throughout your entire home with no awkward transition. We can’t forget what goes on underneath your stunning new carpet, either – the most common installation occurs over a carpet pad for classic softness and durability.