In Bloomington MN browse floors by species to find a variety of flooring for any setting. Advances in technology have made it possible to get the beauty of natural materials in a variety of flooring products: hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate and even tile. Each type has special qualities that are well-suited for specific applications.

Hardwood flooring is a traditional choice that can provide years of beauty and elegance to any home. But some owners are turned off by hardwood’s higher price and upkeep. (Read more about
cleaning and
refinishing hardwood floors.) If this describes you, consider a modern alternative such as
engineered hardwood flooring,
vinyl flooring or
luxury vinyl tiles.

Floor Coverings International carries a wide variety of species of hardwood, laminate and other materials. Here are a few of the most popular flooring species in Bloomington MN:

  • Bamboo ranks high on the Janka hardness scale, making it a durable choice that’s perfect for high traffic areas. Bamboo can be adapted to a wide number of surfaces, and can be fixed to plywood or even concrete.
  • Oak flooring has neutral tones that make it a popular choice for wood flooring because it can be stained to a nearly limitless number of hues. Depending on the sawing technique used to cut the wood, oak can have a straight grain or a varied pattern of rays and flecks. It comes in white oak and red oak flooring varieties.
  • Cherry flooring has an attractive red hue with dark brown streaks that darken slightly with age. Types of cherry include Brazilian, Asian, Bolivian and American.
  • Maple flooring is traditionally a light blond color, though its shade can differ depending on its age and the area where it was grown.
  • Walnut flooring is usually chocolate brown in color with a soft purple tinge toward the center of the wood. It can also be stained to match a variety of hues, though most people apply a clear finish to showcase the wood’s natural beauty.

Let the professionals at Floor Coverings International in Bloomington MN help you browse floors by species and find the perfect one for your home. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.