Flooring is a great way to bring personality into home design and elevate interiors to the next level. If you are a lover of hardwood, you may not realize there is a wide range of possibilities for your floors beyond just color or plank width. Read on to discover a few of our favorite hardwood floor designs—from classic to uniquely artistic!

Chevron floors | Floor Coverings International BloomingtonHerringbone

Herringbone is a gorgeous pattern that can both modernize a home and call back to a classic antique style. It looks especially great in large, open floor plans, where this pattern has a chance to shine as a design piece in itself. Consisting of straight planks arranged in a “broken” zig-zag pattern and typically done in a light hardwood, herringbone is a classic design style for the adventurous homeowner.


Often confused for Herringbone, Chevron differs in a crucial way: where the Herringbone pattern features overlapping/broken zig zags, the Chevron pattern has alternating planks meet along a single vector. Chevron offers some of the same personality as Herringbone but done in a slightly more simplified fashion.


Parquet is a geometric-laid pattern, which is most often seen in older houses—making this a great choice for those retro-loving homeowners who want to restore a home to its former glory, or bring some character to a newer one. The word Parquet is a general design term that can be applied to a myriad of specific styles for hardwood floors, but typically refers to wood slats that are crossed together in an angular, often square-like pattern.

Parquet | Floor Coverings International BloomingtonMixed Width

This flooring design is exactly what it sounds like: planks which vary in width lain side by side. Mixed Width can give hardwood a more authentic look than when all the planks are uniform. Mixed width floors are perfect for when you want to bring a little bit of customization to your home, but still maintain the traditional, clean look of classic hardwood floors.

Bespoke Patterns

There are even more hardwood designs out there, some still waiting to be created. These unique patterns and styles are often referred to as Bespoke patterns. One of the great creative aspects of hardwood is that you have the freedom to make something totally unique for your home. While this is a less common option, it can have great pay off and turn your home’s design into something truly one-of-a-kind and beautiful.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to take your hardwood flooring project to the next level with one of these great designs, talk to your local team at Floor Coverings International Bloomington today. They can help guide you towards the option best for you, and even give you a FREE in-home design consultation. Give your Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield area home the upgrade it deserves!

Photo ©: Pawle, Jovana Veljkovic

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