There are many materials available for tile flooring. If you are a Minneapolis homeowner with pets, choosing the right type of tile flooring can affect your sanity, your wallet, and your little buddy. Join Floor Coverings International Bloomington as we take you through the best type of tile flooring for you and your pet!

tile flooring for pet owners BloomingtonCeramic & Porcelain

While ceramic and porcelain are ultimately two different types of tile, the main difference between the two materials essentially comes down to the fact that porcelain is slightly more resistant to water than ceramic. But, for the purposes of this article, the main thing to take away is that they will both be good tiles for pet owners.

Unlike many of the soft, natural stone options, ceramic and porcelain tend to be more durable, and they will stand up to water better than many other types of tile. These surfaces will not scratch easily, making them a great option for pets with longer claws. Porcelain and ceramic will also both resist staining and other damages resulting from any accidents your pets may have in the house.

Thicker Grout Lines

Once you’ve settled on your tile type, consider having your tiles installed further apart from one another to create thicker grout lines. This will help to provide more traction for your pet, which will reduce scratching and make it easier for them to move around the house. One caveat though is that grout is not water or stain-resistant by nature. Whether you choose to have thicker grout lines or not, having your whole floor properly sealed will help to protect against unwanted staining and water damage. 

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Now that you know what the best type of tile flooring is for you and your pet, you can take the next step! Floor Coverings International Bloomington is here for all of your flooring needs, and we are proud to serve homeowners in the Bloomington, Minneapolis & Richfield areas. Give us a call today to arrange your free, in-home design consultation! 

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