Winter weather can be a harsh time of year for all of us. Snow, mud, and salt track into your home and can be especially harsh on flooring. Tile flooring is very durable, but it’s still important to take proper care to ensure your tile lasts for years to come.

Winter Room Floor Coverings International BloomingtonAt Floor Coverings International Bloomington our flooring experts are here to help with all of your needs. Below are some things you can do to help protect your flooring from the elements.

Keep Winter Weather Outside – Mind Your Step

Stop winter at the door! The best way to protect your tile flooring is to keep away all snow and dirt debris from entering your home. Be mindful of tracking any additional dirt, snow, and salt into your home by cleaning your shoes thoroughly before stepping inside. Removing your shoes at the door, and encouraging others to do so, is an easy solution to help keep your home clean. Plus, this saves you time on having to clean the floors frequently.

Clean Tile Floors Floor Coverings International Bloomington

Lay Down Floor Mats

Another option is to add winter-proof floor mats at all entryways and other places with high foot traffic. Placing mats outdoors gives you and your guests a chance to clear the snow from your shoes. Don’t forget about your pets too! This solution helps minimize the wear and tear on your tile floors.

Clean a Little Extra

To help protect your floors, it’s important to avoid a buildup of debris by keeping a clean home. Routinely vacuum and mop your tile floors; the salt and dirt scratches and damages flooring if left for too long. Don’t forget to clean the grout between your tiles too!

Tile Flooring Grout Cleaning Floor Coverings International Bloomington

Seal the Tile Grout

Cleaning and sealing the grout between tiles is vital to your floor’s longevity. Grout is porous and can easily absorb all the dirt and wetness from outside. Take extra care of your tile flooring by having grout sealant applied. A good sealant keeps excess water from seeping in between your tiles. 

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