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Hardwood Floors in Bloomington

Hardwood floors have been around for a long time, but they never go out of style. Here at Floor Coverings International Bloomington we offer a wide selection of beautiful hardwood flooring options for your home. Visit our online product gallery for some inspiration! Our professionals can help your design ideas come to life. The Origins of Hardwood Flooring Hardwood…
oak hardwood

Benefits of Homegrown Hardwood

Many homeowners are drawn to the unique appearance and personality of exotic hardwood species. Unfortunately, exotic hardwood has some downsides - it can be expensive, difficult to install, and non-sustainable. Why not choose a hardwood species that’s a little closer to home? Floor Coverings International Bloomington brings a variety of American hardwood species straight to Minneapolis homeowners. Oak…
Hardwood Flooring Bloomington

Trendy Hardwood Designs For Bloomington Homes

There are a wide variety of design styles that homeowners are incorporating into their homes, but the most trendy one right now is a more minimalist look. Clean floors, neutral colors, and simple furniture can make your home look modern, elegant, and mature. However, we understand the desire to kick up the flair and add…
Hypoallergenic flooring bloomington

Infographic: Hypoallergenic Floors in Bloomington

Choose your new flooring based on more than just style. With one of these four hypoallergenic flooring materials, your home will stay allergy free all year long! To learn more, call Floor Coverings International Bloomington for a free in-home consultation. © Kunal Mehta, © Vladislav Lyutov, © Olga Popova, © Lord Photon
bloomington natural flooring

The Top Options for Natural Flooring

There are many reasons to install flooring that looks natural in your home. Many enjoy the look and feel of nature and want to bring a sense of the outdoors in. Homeowners can achieve a natural looking floor with actual natural materials, such as sisal carpets and cork, or by using flooring that mimics organic…
bloomington slate tile flooring

The Pros and Cons of Slate Tile Flooring

As the most affordable natural stone flooring option, slate tile flooring is one of the ideal choices for your Bloomington or Minneapolis home if you’re seeking a Floor Covering that is durable, beautiful, and unique. Slate tile flooring is something that we’ve seen a growing interest in here at Floor Coverings International of Bloomington and…