Hardwood Flooring Bloomington

Trendy Hardwood Designs For Bloomington Homes

There are a wide variety of design styles that homeowners are incorporating into their homes, but the most trendy one right now is a more minimalist look. Clean floors, neutral colors, and simple furniture can make your home look modern, elegant, and mature. However, we understand the desire to kick up the flair and add…
Living Room Design Bloomington

Infographic: Designing the Perfect Living Room

Looking to redesign the living room in your home? The experts at Floor Coverings International Bloomington can help you! Call us today to get started with a free design consultation and estimate. But first, take a look at our latest infographic about how to break down the important factors of interior design. Photo Credits: © Breadmaker, © Artazum,…
Natural Carpet Cleaners

Infographic: All-Natural Cleaning Solutions

Are you looking for more natural ways to clean your home? Here are some of the best solutions for the most popular flooring styles. Natural cleansers will preserve the quality of your floors as well as keep the members of your household healthy.   Photo Credits: © Andrey Popov, © Jenn Huls, © Studio KIWI