Hypoallergenic flooring bloomington

Infographic: Hypoallergenic Floors in Bloomington

Choose your new flooring based on more than just style. With one of these four hypoallergenic flooring materials, your home will stay allergy free all year long! To learn more, call Floor Coverings International Bloomington for a free in-home consultation. © Kunal Mehta, © Vladislav Lyutov, © Olga Popova, © Lord Photon
bloomington granite

The Pros and Cons of Granite

The common consensus about granite flooring is that it’s chic, elegant, and timeless. Granite is a durable, long-lasting material, and a beautiful investment. There are many advantages to having a granite floor, and today we’ll talk about all of the benefits granite flooring can give you and your home. Here at Floor Coverings International of…