Eco-friendly flooring in Minneapolis.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

For several years now, eco-friendliness has been among the top concerns for consumers nationwide. Here at Floor Coverings International Bloomington, we are proud to offer several high-quality products around Minneapolis that are dedicated to helping reduce our carbon footprint. Eco-Friendly Flooring in Minneapolis Bamboo - Bamboo is perhaps the most eco-friendly flooring option on the market, but you may be…
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Prepare Your Minneapolis Home For The Colder Months

As the days begin to get colder, it slowly but surely becomes difficult to keep your Minneapolis home warm. Even with the heater turned on and the fireplace crackling, the chill can sink in. At Floor Coverings International Bloomington we know that you can lose a lot of heat through your floors. Updating your old flooring is a…
Hypoallergenic flooring bloomington

Infographic: Hypoallergenic Floors in Bloomington

Choose your new flooring based on more than just style. With one of these four hypoallergenic flooring materials, your home will stay allergy free all year long! To learn more, call Floor Coverings International Bloomington for a free in-home consultation. © Kunal Mehta, © Vladislav Lyutov, © Olga Popova, © Lord Photon
Kid friendly floors in Bloomington

Our Top 4 Kid-Friendly Flooring Ideas

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing kid-friendly floors. The health and safety of your family is a top concern, of course. But durability and easy maintenance are also important if you want your floors to survive many years of wear and tear. Is it time to replace the floors in your…
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The Top Options for Natural Flooring

There are many reasons to install flooring that looks natural in your home. Many enjoy the look and feel of nature and want to bring a sense of the outdoors in. Homeowners can achieve a natural looking floor with actual natural materials, such as sisal carpets and cork, or by using flooring that mimics organic…