Berber Carpet in Bloomington

Are you hunting for new carpeting for your Bloomington home? Then you have probably encountered Berber. Berber is one of the most popular carpet styles of the last several decades, and with good reason. Our Floor Coverings International Bloomington experts recommend Berber for its combination of durability and comfort, but here are some additional reasons to choose Berber for your home:

The Loop Pile Resists Wear

Berber carpet is made of a short, dense pile of closed loops that resist the wear of high foot traffic. Because these fibers have not been cut, dirt tends to stay on the surface and is cleaned more easily. The closed loops also resist fraying, meaning that they maintain their look longer.

The Texture Creates Subtle Pattern

Berber rugs can often be made out of a single color, but to add interest the loops are woven at different heights to create a textural pattern.  Whether it is in squares, circles, or random waves, the pattern can add definition and interest into an otherwise flat and boring surface. You can reflect the pattern in other textiles used in the space to bring the look together.

The Natural Tones Coordinate with Any Decor

Another typical feature of Berber carpeting is that it is commonly found in neutral tones like off-white, beige, brown, and gray. You may notice multiple tones of the color in the background. These neutral shades provide a blank canvas for the rest of your décor, making it easy to change up your style without needing to change your flooring too.

Tip: Add a Thicker Pad for Best Performance

Because of its typical short, dense pile, you may find that a thicker carpet pad helps to provide a welcome cushion beneath your feet.

To see our selection of Berber carpeting and other flooring styles, give us a call! Floor Coverings International Bloomington serves homeowners in Bloomington and beyond.