The Best Flooring for a Rental Property

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which flooring will be best for a rental property. Important considerations include price and durability. Flooring should be visually appealing to residents, while also doubling as an investment that will increase the property’s value. The best flooring options for a rental property are ones that… Read more »

Our Guide to Keeping Your Hardwood Floors in Top Condition

  Hardwood floors are durable and bring beauty into a home, but they go through a lot. Dirt, grime, and dust can be tracked all over from shoes, pets, spills, and more. Cleaning and up-keeping hardwood floors doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Discover helpful tips on how to clean and care for… Read more »

Why You Should Choose Vinyl Flooring This Winter

As winter approaches, the flooring materials in your home are probably the last thing on your mind. However, your flooring choice has a large impact on how you enjoy this cozy season. If you’re tired of your old, cold, and wet flooring in your home, Floor Coverings International® of is here to help – without… Read more »

Tile Care and Cleaning Tips for Bloomington Homes

At Floor Coverings International® of , we’ve got our finger on the pulse of what our friends and neighbors are looking for when they choose to update their floors. Tile flooring has always been an attractive investment for Bloomington homeowners. However, tile flooring does require a moderate amount of care and cleaning to ensure they… Read more »

Why Hardwood Flooring is Perfect for Bloomington Homes

Taking time to think over your options when planning for a flooring upgrade is important. Whatever choice you make, you want it to last, you want it to look good, and you don’t want to be thinking about whether you made the right choice. Hardwood floors are a versatile and classic flooring choice. See why… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Tile for Your Kitchen Floor

Even if you don’t consider yourself a professional chef, you will most likely spend plenty of time in the kitchen cooking, heating up meals, or dishing up your takeout. On top of that, kitchens are often placed in the center of homes, making them always visible to yourself and guests. This means you will want… Read more »

Tile Flooring for Your Bloomington Home

We’re all managing a little differently nowadays. Maybe you’ve spent too much time looking at that old entryway flooring. Sure it’s holding up well, and it’s easy to keep clean, but it was already in the house when you bought it, and it might be time for change. Tile flooring is the perfect solution for… Read more »

Why Choose Vinyl Floors for Your Bloomington Home?

Vinyl flooring has come a long way in the last few decades. Nowadays, homeowners consider vinyl to be a high standard flooring material that is both affordable and stylish. If you are considering vinyl flooring for your Bloomington home, our experts at Floor Coverings International® of have the information and materials you need to bring… Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Hacks for When You’re Stuck at Home

Since we are spending more time at home these days, we can use some of the extra time to spruce up our spaces! One of the tasks you can cross off your list is cleaning your carpet. Are you looking for tips on how to clean your floors? Do you have some stubborn carpet stains… Read more »

Is Bamboo Flooring Right for You?

At Floor Coverings International® of , we offer excellent eco-friendly flooring options, including bamboo. These products come from readily renewable plant sources and are beautiful and stylish additions to any home or office. Here’s what you need to know about bamboo flooring for your Minneapolis home: Where Do Minneapolis Homeowners Use Bamboo? The great thing… Read more »

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