How to Care for Carpets in Your Pet-Friendly Home

We all know that having pets around always involves extra care and additional work to keep our house clean and tidy. One of the major things that require extra care and protections are our carpets. No matter how cozy they are for us and our fur buddies, they required extra effort to keep them looking... Read more »

How to Prepare Your Home's Flooring for Sale

At Floor Coverings International Bloomington, we know how important it is to have your flooring in excellent condition when showing your house off to potential buyers. This article covers how to prepare your laminate, hardwood, or tile flooring for its big open house debut! To start our cleaning checklist, the first three steps to cleaning... Read more »

Your Home Spring Deep Cleaning Checklist for Tile

It's time to start deep cleaning your home for the madness this summer, but where do you begin? What's the best way to clean your flooring without damaging it? At Flooring Coverings International Bloomington, we want to make cleaning around your house as simple as possible without long-term damage. Read below for how to deep... Read more »

How to Recycle Carpet In Your Home

Needing to get rid of your carpet, but don’t know where to start? This is a common issue for many home renovators. Due to the size and material of carpets, many local landfills won’t accept them. Instead, you may need to take them to designated carpet recycling facilities. Here are a few common questions that... Read more »

The Best Areas in Your Bloomington Home for Laminate Floors

Are you curious about Laminate flooring but don't understand what it is or what rooms in your home it would be best suited for? Laminate flooring is a composite flooring material composed of multiple layers. Laminate flooring is designed to add style and value to your home while withstanding the wear and tear of a... Read more »

2022 Flooring Trends for your Bloomington Home

When remodeling your floors, choosing the right flooring is often a hassle. Determining which colors and materials will best fit your space is a major challenge. From stone to carpet or hardwood to laminate, they are plenty of options to choose from. With that being said, our guide to the 2022 flooring trends will hopefully... Read more »

How To Choose The Perfect Area Rug

When it comes to interior design, your choices are endless. For any given item there are hundreds of options at your disposal. It’s great to have your pick, but like anything else, sometimes you can get overwhelmed by too much of a good thing. We’ve laid out a few tips below to help you narrow... Read more »

The Best Carpet for Pet Friendly Homes

When you own pets, choosing the best flooring or carpeting options for your home is especially important. Pet-friendly carpeting is durable, stain-resistant, but still retains an aesthetically pleasing appearance. And don’t worry—there are budget-friendly options! Here are three pet resistant carpeting options for your home. Nylon Nylon is perhaps one of the better choices for... Read more »

Benefits of Hardwood Floor in Your Bloomington Home

There are many benefits to using hardwood flooring in your home. Not only does it increase your home value, but it is one of the most popular flooring options as it is low-maintenance, durable, and a versatile design option. Here are some benefits to replacing your flooring with hardwood. Reduced Cleaning and Repair Costs Hardwood... Read more »

Our Favorite Environmentally-Friendly Flooring Options For The Kitchen

Thinking of revamping your kitchen floors? Consider going with an eco-friendly flooring material! Read on to learn about a few of our favorite options for the kitchen. Bamboo With all the look and charm of beautiful hardwood floors, bamboo makes for stunning kitchen floors. Because it grows so quickly, bamboo is an easily renewable resource,... Read more »

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